When people hear about church multiplication (church planting & multiple campuses), they often think, "But don't we have enough churches in the U.S.?" If you think that, look at this list that depicts the number of churches per person in the U.S. over the last 184 years.

  • 1820 1 church for every 875 persons
  • 1900 1 church for every 357 persons
  • 1950 1 church for every 588 persons
  • 2000 1 church for every 833 persons
  • 2004 1 church for every 909 persons

As you can see, there are fewer churches per person now than in 1820, and the churches per capita gap seems to widen each year. Church multiplication advocate Pete Wagner, says,

"The single most effective evangelistic methodology under heaven is planting new churches." 

Indiana Ministries concurs!  New churches win hearts to God that established churches simply are not able to win.  Any church tribe needs to plant 3% new churches each year to survive and 4% to thrive.  We want to thrive and help fulfill the Great Commission! A key element of Indiana Ministries’ mission is to “partner with local congregations in multiplying growing, healthy churches.”  If you are interested in being a church multiplier or your church is interested in partnering for multiplication, checkout the links below or contact Doug Talley or Tom Planck for a pre-assessment or a conversation.




More than half of Americans say they have no affiliation or are no longer affiliated with a church.  With the desire to reach these "nones" and "dones," we launched The Foundry in January of 2018.  

With the mindset of being missionaries in our everyday lives and carrying the presence of the Holy Spirit, we mobilized our community of Jesus-followers around discipleship groups and missional communities. 

We are a network of micro-churches meeting in houses and coffee shops. When we gather, we spend time in worship, community, or on mission. We study Scripture, read books together, listen to teachings, and participate in spiritual practices. We share meals, serve our community, tell stories, and host parties. The goal is to help all followers of Jesus get in the habit of being shaped by the Word, prayer, and action. Our vision is to lead people into the abundant life of Jesus thru community, growing as a disciple of Jesus, and being on mission.




We dreamed about a church where people would want to go. We dreamed of a church which would reflect the daring, creative, exciting God you read about in the Bible. We dreamed of a church exploring countless ways to connect with people who were searching…just like us. Somewhere along the way, God said, “You want excitement and adventure? Pack your bags and your family, sell your house and go make this dream happen!”

We have partnered with a group of like-minded people, family, and friends we’ve made over the years, who have graciously offered to support us in fulfilling this dream. After some searching and a bit of prayer, we stepped out in faith and landed in Crown Point, Indiana in 2014. As we have responded to God’s call, we have met lots of people here who share this dream and have joined us on the adventure!

In November 2014, we launched Momentum Church in Crown Point. We are excited to be meeting on Sunday mornings at Crown Point High School at 10 a.m. Most recently, God has blessed us with the opportunity to launch a second location for Momentum Church at a facility we acquired through some ministry connections in the region.



We launched Catalyst Church on February 7th, 2010 in Pendleton, Indiana with one purpose in mind…that everyone who walks through a door to a worship experience, a Catalyst Kidz environment, A Catalyst Connection Group, or a community/connection event would find a safe place to explore their faith questions. We want to pursue the first steps and next steps together in our journeys with God. We know that all of us come from different backgrounds and faith traditions, and that we bring lots of different perspectives and life experiences. That’s great! No two people are meant to have the same story. We are looking to understand the way of Jesus clearly and seeking to figure out what it means to be a follower of Jesus today.

Whatever your thoughts are about church, whatever your beliefs about God, we want you to know you are welcome here. We hope you enjoy yourself and find yourself excited about seeking God a little more than before you came. Be open. You may be surprised by how God desires to connect with you on a profound and personal level.




Southeast is a church community on the southeast side of Indianapolis creating a different kind of church; a community of people seeking to be genuine, life-changing and impactful. And, you’re invited.

Whatever your background, from the moment you pull in the parking lot, we hope you feel at home. You’ll find a place where you and your family can feel safe and learn about God in a real and relevant way. We are more than just a Sunday morning gathering but we know that is where most people start when they are checking out a church community. With that in mind, here is what you can expect during a typical Sunday morning gathering at Southeast:

A casual, laid back, atmosphere that feels real.
Messages you can understand and apply to your life.
Music you can relate to from our live band.
Environments your kids will love and ask to come back to.