We are so pleased that you have an interest in pursuing ordination in the Church of God in Indiana. Indiana Ministries’ greatest desire is that the ordination process is a positive experience for you. We hope this foundational time in your ministry will not only expand your knowledge and understanding of ministry but will be an encouraging experience.

The Leadership Focus – Partnering to develop healthy, growing missional leaders to expand the Kingdom of God in the present age.

The Leadership Focus is an online ministry development tool, designed to equip and strengthen leaders in the Church of God through relational training with a missional perspective. We believe in a missional approach to leadership development, and believe there are certain characteristics that those responding to a call to lead should possess. We particularly look for these qualities in those pursuing credentials. We believe that rising leaders should be: diligent in learning and growth, passionate about a compelling call to mission and ministry, committed to interdependent relationships that further the kingdom and a person of strong integrity and clear moral direction.

This new credentialing process is designed to last three years, broken into 6 six month modules, each focusing on a core area of ministry and leadership development: Commencement, Competencies, Character, Confessions, Connectivity and Celebrations.

Each module will be hosted by a coach who will lead you through guided online web training calls. You will be expected to participate in each web meeting along with fulfilling each module’s unique requirements. As you move through each six month module additional fees will apply.


The first module (Commencement and Application) is $275. The second – sixth modules are $150 each and are billed to you prior to your enrollment in the next module.


There are two enrollment periods thought the year one in February and one in August



Module #1: Commencement

Complete your ministerial application, ministerial references, take assessments, explore the “call” and “cost” to ministry and mission through the lens of scripture. Meet your first cluster members who you will journey with throughout the next couple of years.


Module #2: Competencies

Develop resources and skills in understanding ourselves and those we lead and serve.  Unpack your own assessments. Learn more about conflict management, organizational life cycles and leadership skills.


Module 3: Character

Identify your own personal ministerial ethics, how to establish healthy boundaries and develop a commitment to accountability.  Discussion and exploration for writing your own theological belief statements.


Module 4: Confessions

Theological beliefs and practices that define the Church of God are explored within the context of Christianity and world religions. Completion of your 16 theological statements.


Module 5: Connectivity

Understand the heritage of the Church of God as a missional call to go into all the world.  Practical application for connecting with the Church of God at multiple levels as well as connecting to the communities we serve.


Module 6: Celebrations

This final module is the capstone to all previous modules. Participants utilize learned skills to develop a 3-5 year Life and Ministry Plan (LAMP) that serves as a guide for continued growth and development.